Orange 60PCS Quick Connector Kit- 3 Variant


  1. Molded notch for proper orientation.
  2. Easy to insert and remove ICs.
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In the Orange Kit series, we are understanding the needs of our maker’s community and based on your continuous feedback and ordering patterns, and we are developing differentiated Orange kits that can provide ease of buying at a reasonable price as it can be.

This Orange 60pcs Quick Connector Kit is also a part of this story, in which we have gathered the most demanding Quick connectors with compartment plastic box to store them in an organised manner and assist you in reusing the connectors in various projects.

These are very innovative PCT Wire Connector Terminal Block with Spring Lock Lever for Cable Connection to avoid frequent joints. In this kit we have collected 3 different kinds of compact locking wire connectors with 20 Quantities of Each type with a spring lever, which is used for single-strand hardwire with 0.08mm to 2.5mm2 area or soft wire with 0.08mm to 4.0mm2 area (or AWG28 to AWG12). This connector can tolerate the rated voltage up to 400V with an electric current peak of 32A, resulting in a maximum of 7KW Power.


  1. High-grade Insulative Nylon Material
  2. Strong Spring Locking Lever
  3. Nickel Plated Metal Point Inside
  4. Good Temperature Resistance
  5. Easy to Use and Compact Splicing Connector
  6. 4-Conductor Terminal Block
  7. With Operating Levers
  8. Max. Continuous Service Temperature 85°C

Package Includes:

1 x Orange 60PCS Quick Connector Kit- 3 Variant

Kit Includes:

20 x PCT-212 is a Two-wire connector

20 x PCT-213 is a Three-wire connector

2 x PCT-215 is a Five wire connector


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