Orange WH148 3pin Linear Rotary Potentiometer Resistor With Knobs Kit


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  1. Type: WH148 Single Link 15mm
  2. Mounting Type: Through-Hole
  3. 18 Pcs. All in one Potentiometer Kit


Get the Orange WH148 3pin Linear Rotary Potentiometer Resistor with  9 different Ratings in the single kit by Orange. The Orange is Robu’s in-house brand under which we make sure that you get the quality product which you are paying for.!

No need to wait if you don’t have a proper value potentiometer, Now get 9 different values x 2 potentiometers in one single kit for all your project needs. This is all in one 18Pcs. WH148 Single Link15mm Potentiometer Kit.

Useful in functions like the volume control on audio equipment or control of the fan in your DIY projects. It features a miniature design that fits perfectly most of the control functions.

Additionally, you will get the  Durable Plastic Storage Box which helps you to always keep the Potentiometers organized and keep your kit secured and free from damaging and Mixing with other components.

Package Includes:

1 x WH148 Single Link15mm Potentiometer Kit 18Pcs.

Kit Includes:

2 x 1KΩ  Rotary Potentiometer

2 x 2KΩ  Rotary Potentiometer

2 x 5KΩ  Rotary Potentiometer

2 x 10KΩ  Rotary Potentiometer

2 x 20KΩ  Rotary Potentiometer

2 x 50KΩ  Rotary Potentiometer

2 x 100KΩ  Rotary Potentiometer

2 x 500KΩ  Rotary Potentiometer

2 x 1MΩ Rotary Potentiometer

18 x Knobs


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