Arduino MKR 485 Shield


  1. Input Voltage:7-24V
  2. Interface Serial
  3. Compatibility MKR size
  4. Transceiver MAXIM MAX3157
  5. Buck converter Texas Instruments TPS54232
  6. Switchable onboard termination resistor

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Arduino MKR 485 Shield is designed to allow the Arduino MKR series of development boards to connect to industrial automation systems using the RS 485 protocol. The MKR 485 Shield can also be used to extend the serial wired communication over much a longer range. The MKR 485 Shield supports Half Duplex and Full Duplex, with or without biasing and termination, and master/slave configuration. The MKR 485 shield is the ultimate expansion that allows MKR boards to connect to almost any legacy industrial system, such as industrial PLCs, controllers, drives, and HMIs. Old industrial systems (e.g., machinery, heating systems, and conveyors) can to turned into IoT devices through a serial connection using the MKR 485.

  1. Industrial Controls
  2. Level Translators
  3. Telecommunications
  4. Local Area Networks


  1. Interface Serial
  2. Compatibility MKR size
  3. Transceiver MAXIM MAX3157
  4. Buck converter Texas Instruments TPS54232
  5. Switchable onboard termination resistor
  6. Operating mode Isolated Half / full-duplex (switchable)


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