SeeedStudio Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing


  1. Supply Voltage: 5V (can not exceed 5.5V)
  2. IO Voltage: 3.3V
  3. Operating Ambient Temperature: -20 – 70℃
  4. ADC: Onboard 16-bit ADC

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The Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing is built around Speed MAix M1 AI MODULE with Kendryte K210 processor inside. It’s a low cost but powerful raspberry pi AI hat which assists raspberry pi run the AI at the edge.

It also can work independently for edge computing applications. The MAix M1 is a powerful RISC-V 600MHz AI module that features dual-core 64-bit CPU, 230GMULps 16-bit KPU(Neural Network Processor), FPU(Float Point Unit) supports DP&SP, and APU(Audio Processor) supports 8 mics.


  1. AI for Edge Computing
  2. Smart Building
  3. Medical equipment
  4. Automation & Process Control
  5. Robot


  1. CPU: K210 RISC-V Dual Core 64bit, 400Mh(Max. 600Mhz)
  2. FPU: IEEE754-2008 compliant high-performance pipelined FPU
  3. KPU(Neural Network Processor ): 1.Supports the fixed-point model that the mainstream training framework trains according to specific restriction rules, Support for 1×1 and 3×3 convolution kernels,  Support for any form of the activation function, The maximum supported neural network parameter size for real-time work is 5MiB to 5.9Mi
  4. APU(Audio Processor):1. Up to 192kHz sample rate, Up to 8 channels of audio input data, ie 4 stereo channels
  5. Debugging Support: High-speed UART and JTAG interface for debugging

Package Includes:

1 x Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing


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