Winsen ZE03-SO2 GAS Sensor Module


  1. Measurement Range :0~20ppm
  2. Max detecting concentration: 150ppm
  3. Sensitivity:(0.55±0.15)µA/ppm
  4. Resolution ratio :0.1ppm
  5. Response time(T90): <30S
  6. Detection gas: SO2 sensor, sulfur-dioxide gas sensor
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ME3-SO2 electrochemical sensor detects gas concentration by measuring current based on the electrochemical principle, which utilizes the electrochemical oxidation process of target gas on the working electrode inside the electrolytic cell, the current produced in the electrochemical reaction of the target gas is in direct proportion with its concentration while following Faraday law, then the concentration of the gas could be got by measuring the value of current.


Portable and fixed gas detector, various gas detection equipment, and situation.


  1. High sensitivity & resolution
  2. Low power consumption
  3. UART and analog voltage output
  4. Good stability and excellent anti-interference ability

Package Includes:

1 x Winsen ZE03-SO2 GAS Sensor Module


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