SeeedStudio Grove Doppler Radar (BGT24LTR11)


  1. Model BGT24LTR11
  2. Transmission Frequency Min: 24GHz
  3. Compact size for easy deployment
  4. Communication Interface UART (115200)
  5. 24GHz Transceiver MMIC for high-precision measurements
  6. Standard Detection Field 65° / horizontal (-6dB); 22° / vertical (-6dB)
  7. Weight 5g
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How would you build a system that could calculate the distance towards an object or detect whether there is motion present? Normally you would use an Ultrasonic or LiDAR Sensor for distance measurement and PIR Motion Sensor for motion detection. What if we told you there is an all-in-one module that could do all these functions more precisely and also perform functions such as velocity detection of moving objects and angle detection of objects. Would you believe it? We were tired of using these traditional modules for motion-sensing applications and wanted to deliver you a better solution, integrating new technologies. Well…For the first time in the history of Grove, we are very excited to bring you a Grove Module based on Radar Technology!

This is the Grove – Doppler Radar.

The Grove – Doppler Radar is based on the BGT24LTR11 Silicon Germanium MMIC which is a 24GHz radar transceiver. It is driven by an XMC1302 MCU based on Arm® Cortex®-M0. This comes in a compact package and runs on very low power, providing high-precision measurements. The high frequency of this module allows for high penetration through objects and therefore this module does not need to be exposed outside when deploying, but rather behind an object. This, in turn, is extremely useful in security systems. Also, this is able to operate in harsh weather conditions such as high temperatures, dust, and rain.

Getting Started with SeeedStudio Grove Doppler Radar (BGT24LTR11)


1 DIV_OUT: Frequency divider output from the BGT24LTR11
2 GND: Ground
3 VCC_5V_EXT: External+5.0V input power supply pin(maximum=5.5V)
4 VTUNE VCO: frequency tuning voltage
5 IFQ_HG BGT24LTR11: Q-channel-analog signal output-second gain stage
6 IFI_HG BGT24LTR11: I-channel-analog signal output-second gain stage
7 PWM_OUT: External user-configurable GPIO with CCU4
8 OUT1: External GPIO pin (user configurable)
9 OUT2: External GPIO pin (user configurable)


  1. The first radar-based sensor in the Grove Family
  2. Compact size for easy deployment
  3. Light-weight design, suitable for UAV applications
  4. Low power consumption for prolonged usage
  5. 24GHz Transceiver MMIC for high-precision measurements
  6. Fast response using electromagnetic waves
  7. ESD protection to avoid system failures caused by ESD strikes
  8. High penetration allows it to be deployed behind an object
  9. Maintains operation through harsh weather conditions (temperature, light, dust, rain)


  1. Smart Home
  2. Smart Building
  3. Automatic Door
  4. Lighting Control
  5. Industrial Robotics
  6. Intruder Alarm Systems
  7. UAV

Package Includes :

1 x SeeedStudio Grove Doppler Radar (BGT24LTR11)


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