SeeedStudio Grove Step Counter(BMA456)


  1. Operating Voltage
  2. Acceleration Range ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, ±16g
  3. Fitness applications / Activity Tracking
  4. I2C Address 0x19(default) / 0x18(optional)
  5. High-performance angle measurements
  6. Gross Weight 9g

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The Grove – Step Counter(BMA456) is based on BMA456, which is an extremely small, triaxial, low-g high-performance accelerations module. Thanks to the special algorithm of BOSCH, we made this module a portable pedometer.

Reliable, cost-effective, on top of that, it’s very easy to use, you can easily add this plug and play module on your wearable devices.

Getting Started with SeeedStudio Grove Step Counter(BMA456)



  1. On-chip FIFO
  2. Ultra-low-power
  3. On-chip interrupt
  4. Programable functionality


  1. Applications with height constrain
  2. Plug and Play Step-Counter solution with watermark functionality
  3. Fitness applications / Activity Tracking
  4. Power management for wearable applications
  5. Display on/off and profile switching
  6. User interface without hardware buttons
  7. E-compass tilt compensation and data synchronization
  8. High-performance angle measurements

Package Includes :

1 x SeeedStudio Grove Step Counter(BMA456)


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