Motherboard, PCB, Breadboard Jumper Cable 150mm 24AWG (Black) – 50Pcs

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  1. Current Capacity : 2 -3 A.
  2. Diameter : 0.51 mm
  3. Length : Approx. 15cm  24AWG
  4. Used for : Bread board , PCB.
  5. High Current Carring capacity.
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These 150mm 24AWG motherboards, PCB, Breadboard Jumper Cable must be always available in your Project lab which is very needful for temporary testing soldering as well it can also use as a breadboard jumper wire as its both side end tips are tin-plated soldered.

Note: These wires are multi-strain with soldered ends to provide good conductivity for noise-sensitive products like ICs. 

Package Includes :

50 x Motherboard Breadboard Jumper Cable 150mm.


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