Arducam 8MP IMX219 Spy Camera for NVIDIA Jetson Nano

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  1. Camera Module With Extension Cable
  2. Compatible With Nvidia Jetson Nano
  3. Small Size Camera
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This Arducam Spy Camera is mainly designed for Nvidia Jetson Nano and Compute Module, in order to extend the small camera module with a much longer distance and fit into space-constrained environments, it also can be used on other hardware like ARM, DSP, FPGA, etc.

Note: The camera can be used on compute module CM3, CM3+, and NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 3B/B+.

Useful link:

  1. To use this camera, please follow this tutorial for hardware  setup. Please see the video given in the link.
  2.  After hardware setup, please follow this tutorial for  driver installation.
  3. After driver installation, please follow this tutorial for  testing the camera.

Features :

  1. Sony 8MP IMX219 Sensor
  2. Optical Format: 1/4 inch
  3. EFL: 3.04mm
  4. F.NO: 2.0
  5. Focus Type: Fixed Focus
  6. View Angle: 62.2 (Diagonal)
  7. Interface: MIPI CSI-2 2-lane
  8. IR Sensitivity: Visible light, Integral IR Filter
  9. Cable length: 300mm
  10. Cable width: 9mm
  11. Cable thickness: 0.1mm
  12. With Electromagnetic shielding

Package Includes:

1 x  Arducam IMX219 8MP Spy Camera


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