Nextion Intelligent NX1060P101-011C-I 10.1″ HMI Capacitive Touch Display

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  1. Model Name:NX1060P101-011C-I
  2. Operating Voltage(V):4.75 to 6.5
  3. Size(inch):10.1
  4. Resolution:1024*600
  5. Touch Panel: Capacitive(CTP)
  6. Flash(MB):128
  7. RAM(KB):512
  8. MCU(MHz):200
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HMI Displays are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their intelligence, and Nextion is one of the popular brands that only manufactures a Diverse Range of high-quality displays at a comparatively high price. These HMI displays are faster to interact with than other HMI displays because they use high-quality components that set them apart.

Nextion HMI Display gains more popularity in the market due to its originality and compatibility in industries and High-end projects also need these types of high-end displays.

This Type of Displays are used for Industry-level projects or Bulk types of projects.




The free latest Nextion Editor software ver 0.58 or higher can be used to develop the HMI GUI project. the easy Drag-and-Drop components and simple ASCII text-based instructions will drastically reduce your HMI project development workloads.

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  1. Model: NX1060P101-011C-I(HMI Capacitive Touch Display)
  2. NX1060P101-011C-I(10.1” IPS RGB 65K capacitive touchscreen)
  3. Onboard MCU 200MHz and up to 128MB for the HMI project
  4. Built-in RTC,EEPROM, 8 digital GPIOs (2 PWM capable)
  5. 4 pins (+5V, TX, RX, GND) TTL serial interface
  6. 300 nit Brightness with 1% interval adjustment
  7. Audio interface
  8. CE and RoHS Compliant

Useful Links:
  1. Datasheet
  2. Instruction Set
  3. Editor Guide

Package Includes:

1 x NX1060P101-011C-I HMI Display
1 x XH2.54 4P Wire
1 x Power Supply Test Board


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