Screw Shields V2 Terminal Expansion Board

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  1. Dimensions : 66 x 19 x 16 (LxWxH) mm.
  2. Weight: 28 gm.
  3. I/O Screw terminals.
  4. Directly plug-able.
  5. Arduino Compatible.
  6. Compatible with Arduino UNO R3, Arduino UNO

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The Screw Shields V2 Terminal Expansion Board that allows you to screw in jumper wires to a screw terminal for a much stronger and secure connection for your I/O and power pins. Feel secure with this Arduino-compatible screw shield. The user can also overlay on top of other expansion boards. Let your project to get rid of the shackles of the breadboard wiring, the line structures become easier and more reliable.

The terminal expansion board not only can magically expand the terminal controller but also can overlap other expansion boards by the user, which can let your Arduino program get rid of to be connected by the breadboard and make the line up more comfortable and reliable.

It extends the power supply pins for the signal pins. You could directly connect the sensors & devices to the screw shield v2. The pin headers are also provided & this means you can connect expansion board on top of this shield.

The Expansion Board is compatible with

Arduino UNO

All of above Arduino versions are available at

Note: The Arduino board is not included in this pack, you need to buy it separately.

Features :

  1. I/O Screw terminals.
  2. Directly plug-able.
  3. Arduino Compatible.
  4. Compatible with Arduino UNO R3, Arduino UNO

Package Includes :

1 x Screw Shields V2 Terminal Expansion Board.


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