2-6S 5V 5A BEC For Quadcopter Drone

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  1. Power Supply: 2-6s(8-55V)
  2. Used in Most of the Quadcopter RC Drone
  3. Its efficiency is about 95%
  4. Used in Overheat Protection

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This is a 2-6S 5V 5A BEC for Quadcopter Drone. It Offers a Powerful Output with 5V and 5A. And the working Temperature of this is about -45Degree Celcius to 85 Degrees Celcius. This circuit is capable to Regulate High Voltage and Provide Constant Voltage throughout the Circuit Because It has a Voltage Regulator IC.

This has output short circuit protection which makes it ideal for RC applications.


  1. Continuous Current: 5 A
  2. Power Supply: 2-6 s
  3. The switching frequency is up to 1.4 Mhz

Package Includes:

1 x 2-6S 5V 5A BEC


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