Martian 250mm Quadcopter Combo Kit

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  1. Easy To Assemble
  2. Comes With Flight Controller and Frame
  3. High-Quality Components
  4. Flight Controller With Stackable design – perfect for integrating with OSDs and power distribution boards.
  5. Frame With Arm Thickness 4mm

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This Quadcopter Frame is the advanced version of the Martian-II reptile Quadcopter Frame. It keeps everything that has made the Martian-I Quadcopter frame successful. The MARTIAN-II REPTILE Quadcopter Frame is a mini-size quadcopter frame.

The MARTIAN-2 REPTILE 250mm Quadcopter Frame is manufactured with excellent quality 3K Carbon Fiber. Also, the arms of this frame are shorter than the previous one. In comparison between the Martian-I, Martian-II, and Martian-III it is found that the carbon fiber of the Martian-II frame is of the highest quality hence they are costlier in the class of Martian Quadcopter Frames.

This MARTIAN-II REPTILE 250mm Quadcopter Frame is made from Carbon Fiber which makes it tough and durable. They have carbon fiber arms of thickness 4mm which ensure no more arm breakage at the motor mounts on a hard landing. The arms equip dampers at the end, which protects motors during the crash. The frame enables quick swapping of arms in race pit settings.

Carbon fiber is mostly accepted material for frame designing because of its high stiffness to weight ratio. The Carbon Fiber Frames are very rigid and improve stability and flight performance.

It comes with a PDB(Power Distribution Board) , an XT60 male connector to power up the Quadcopter, and an SP Racing F3 Flight Controller.

The frame is lightweight and possesses thick arms, so as to give them good mechanical strength. The mini-size design of this quadcopter frame makes it aerodynamically efficient which will require lower throttle to hover.

The frame has a wheelbase of 250mm and weighs around 160gm. This frame supports 37mm board cams as well as 26mm cams in cases with mounting brackets.

The MARTIAN-II REPTILE Quadcopter Frame equips anodized alloy spacers. The arms of this carbon fiber frame feature multiple motor mounting holes so as to fit a variety of motors.

Martian-II Quadcopter frame is available in two different wheelbase sizes as 220mm and 250mm.

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  1. MARTIAN-II REPTILE 250mm Quadcopter Frame
  2. SP Racing F3 Flight Controller Deluxe

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Features :

  1. Lightweight and Durable.
  2. Made by super strong and advanced engineering material.
  3. The frame has excellent strength.
  4. The arm equips dampers for the safe landing.
  5. The arm has multiple motor mounting holes.

Package Includes : 

1 x MARTIAN-II REPTILE 250mm Quadcopter Frame
1 x Power distribution board
4 x Vibration Dampers
1 x XT60 Connector
1 x SP Racing F3+OSD ACRO Flight Controller With Case.
4 x Connecting Cables.
6 x Male Jumper Header.
1 x Set of Screws


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