T Motor Anti-gravity MN7005 KV230


  1. Model: MN7005 KV320
  2. KV: KV320
  3. Current: 0.9A
  4. Peak current: 28A
  5. Max power: 700W
  6. IP:IP25
  7. Motor weight: 188g
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Ultra light weight Antigravity 7005 T-Motors are available with anti-high temperature curved magnet which increases motor performance by 5%. Energy saving Antigravity type Tiger motors having 1.5kg thrust with efficiency of 13g/W. This type of T motors are made with specially imported German 7075 aviation aluminum alloy, strengthens motor cap with light weight design. Contains open structure for better cooling performance.


  1. Imported German 7075 aviation aluminum
  2. Ultra Lightweight 188g only
  3. Anti-high temperature curved magnet with precise
  4. Motor performance increased by 5%
  5. ATA01123 prop adapter for P22inch prop
  6. MN7005 is for thrust requirement

Packages Includes:

1 x T Motor MN7005 KV230


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