100nH 1.7A Air-Core Inductor

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  1. Inductance: 100nH
  2. RMS Current (Irms): 1.7A
  3. Self Resonant Frequency Min.: 1.2GHz
  4. DC Resistance Max: 12.3 mOhm
  5. Inductance Tolerance: 5%
  6. Packaging: Cut Tape
  7. Air Core Inductor Case: 4.83mm x 3.81mm x 4.2mm


This is a 100nH 1.7A Air-Core Inductor. Air-Core RF Inductors, part of the wound air core inductor family, are ideal for RF circuits, broadband I/O filtering, frequency selection, or impedance matching. The air core inductor provides better performance over solid-core inductors with higher Q and better current handling capabilities.


  1. Air-Core Construction
  2. High Q
  3. High Current
  4. Excellent SRF

Package Includes:

1 x 100nH 1.7A Air-Core Inductor (Pack of 2).


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