8D43 47uH 2A SMD Power Inductor (Pack of 5)



47µH 2A SMD power inductor is a surface mount device. It has a ferrite drum as the core on which a wire is wound. This inductor has a magnetic shield and is RoHS compliant. The power inductor has a moisture sensitivity level of 1 i.e. this power inductor has high moisture resistance.

This type of inductor has pads for surface mounting.


Ideally used in Mobile phone, MP3, PDA, HDD, DSC/DVC, etc as DC-DC converter inductors.


  1. Ferrite drum core construction.
  2. Compact in size.
  3. Magnetic shield.
  4. Moisture resistant.
  5. Surface mount.
  6. RoHS compliant.

Package Includes:

1 x 47µH 2A SMD power inductor (5 pcs).


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