1k Ohm 0.5W Metal Film Resistor (Pack of 50)


  1. Resistance: 1k Ohm
  2. Max. Working Voltage: 350 V
  3. Tolerance: 1%
  4. Temperature Coefficient of Resistance: 50 PPM/°C
  5. Operating Temperature Range: -40ºC to 125ºC


These are 1k Ohm 1 W Metal Film Resistors for through-hole applications. These WMF series Metal Film Resistors are manufactured using the latest Magnetron Vacuum Sputtering System. These resistors are insulated with layers of lacquer ensuring a very stable resistive medium having a very low-temperature coefficient.

Package Includes:

50 x 1k Ohm 0.5W Metal Film Resistor.


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