RGB Common Anode LED – 10mm Tricolor (5pcs) – Transparent


10mm diameter
Red: 1000-1200 nm wavelength, Green: 3000-5000 nm, Blue: 2000-3000 nm
Forward Voltage, at 20mA current: Red: 1.8-2.2V, Green: 3.2-3.4V, Blue: 3.2-3.4V
50-degree viewing angle

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RGB Common Anode LED makes some beautiful colors with this  10mm tri-color LED with separate red, green and blue LED chips inside! They make a nice indicator, and fun to color-swirl. We like RGB LEDs because they color mix inside instead of appearing as 3 distinct LEDs.

These are Common-Anode type which means you connect one pin to 5V or so and then tie the other three legs to the ground through a resistor. We carry and use CA more than CC because multi-LED driver chips are often designed exclusively for CA and can’t be used with Common-Cathode.

Package includes:

1 x RGB Common Anode LED – 10mm Tricolor (5pcs) – Transparent


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