ATSAML10E16A-AU Arm Cortex-M23 MCU IC


  1. RM Cortex-M23
  2. 32MHz (2.62 CoreMark/MHz and up to 31 DMIPS)
  3. 64KB Flash
  4. 16KB SRAM
  5. Package/Case:  TQFP
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The industry’s first and lowest power Arm Cortex-M23 MCU consumes less than 25uA/MHz in active mode and less than 100 nA in sleep mode. It features an enhanced peripheral touch controller, advanced analog, ISO7816 smart card interface, event system and Sleep Walking peripherals. SAM L10 achieved EEMBC Certified ULPMark score of 405.

  1. Driven shield plus for moisture tolerance and noise immunity
  2. Parallel acquisition through polarity control
  3. Supports wake-up on touch from standby sleep mode
  4. Advanced analogue
  5. Serial communication interfaces (SERCOM)
  6. Atmel Studio 7 IDE
  7. Atmel START Software Framework
  8. Two-pin Serial Wire Debug (SWD) programming and debugging interface


  1. ARM Cortex-M23
  2. 32MHz (2.62 CoreMark/MHz and up to 31 DMIPS)
  3. Single-cycle hardware multiplier
  4. Hardware divider
  5. Nested Vector Interrupt Controller (NVIC)
  6. Memory protection unit (MPU)
  7. 64KB Flash
  8. 16KB SRAM
  9. 2KB data flash section for non-volatile data storage
  10. 256bytes TrustRAM with physical protection features

Package Includes:

1 x ATSAML10E16A-AU Arm Cortex-M23 MCU IC


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