SN75176N RS-422/RS-485 Interface IC DIP-8 Package


  1. Supply Voltage(VCC): 7V
  2. Control Input Voltage: 7V
  3. Driver Input Voltage: 7V
  4. Driver Output Voltages: +15V/ −10V
  5. Receiver Input Voltage (DS75176B): +15V/ −10V
  6. Receiver Output Voltage: 5.5V
  7. Storage Temperature Range :−65°C to +150°C


The DS75176B is a high-speed differential TRI- STATE@bus/line transceiver designed to meet the requirements of EIA standard RS485 with an extended common-mode range (+12V to —7V), for multipoint data transmission. In addition, it is compatible with RS-422. The driver and receiver outputs feature TRI-STATE capability, for the driver outputs over the entire common-mode range of +12V to —7V. Bus contention or fault situations that cause excessive power dissipation within the device are handled by a thermal shutdown circuit, which forces the driver outputs into the high impedance state. DC specifications are guaranteed over the O to 700C temperature and 4.75V to 5.25V supply voltage range.


  1. Meets EIA Standard RS485 for Multipoint Bus Transmission and is Compatible with RS-422.
  2.  Small-Outline (SOIC) Package Option Available for Minimum Board Space.
  3.  22 ns Driver Propagation Delays.
  4.  Single +5V Supply.
  5.  −7V to +12V Bus Common-Mode Range Permits ± 7V Ground Difference Between Devices on the Bus.
  6.  Thermal Shutdown Protection.
  7.  The pinOut is Compatible with DS3695/A and SN75176A/B.
  8.  Combined Impedance of a Driver Output and Receiver Input is Less Than One RS485 Unit Load, Allowing up to 32 Transceivers on the Bus.

Package Includes:

1 x SN75176N RS-422/RS-485 Interface IC DIP-8 Package


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