ST1S14PHR – 48V 3A Step-down Switching Regulator 8-Pin HSOP


  1. 850kHz Internally Fixed Switching Frequency
  2. Internal Soft-start
  3. Power Good Open Collector Output
  4. Current Mode Architecture
  5. Embedded Compensation Network


The ST1S14PHR is a step-down monolithic power switching Voltage Regulator, able to deliver up to 3ADC current to the load depending on the application conditions. The high current level is also achieved thanks to an HSOP8 package with the exposed frame, which allows reducing the Rth (JA) down to approximately 40°C/W. The output voltage can be set from 1.22V. The device uses an internal N-channel DMOS transistor (with a typical RDS (on) of 200mR) as the switching element to minimize the size of the external components. The internal oscillator fixes the switching frequency at 850kHz. Power good open collector output validates the regulated output voltage as soon as it reaches the regulation. Pulse-by-pulse current limit offers an effective constant current short-circuit protection. Current fold-back decreases overstress in a persistent short-circuit condition.


  1. Internal Soft-start
  2. Power Good Open Collector Output
  3. Current Mode Architecture
  4. Embedded Compensation Network
  5. Zero Load Current Operation
  6. Internal Current Limiting
  7. Inhibit for Zero Current Consumption
  8. 2mA Maximum Quiescent Current over Temperature Range
  9. 250mR Typical RDS (On)
  10. Thermal Shutdown

Package Includes:

1 x ST1S14PHR – 48V 3A Step-down Switching Regulator 8-Pin HSOP


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