Waveshare 1.54inch NFC-Powered e-Paper No Battery Wireless Powering & Data Transfer


  1. Power: NFC-powered
  2. Resolution: 200×200
  3. Dot pitch: 0.138 × 0.138
  4. Refresh time: 8s (Transmit time is not included)
  5. Display color: black, white, red
  6. Viewing angle: >170°
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Hey geeks, here is one more revolutionary product in the Waveshare E-paper display range. This is an NFC-powered 1.54inch e-Paper Module, with a 200×200 resolution that takes data like images, text, or any craft you want to show on your display wirelessly via NFC. It can be done through the mobile phone itself via android and ios app.

Scan the below QR code and get the latest NFC app for your android phone


1.54″ Passive NFC-Powered E-Paper

Rounded Metal Border, Nice Looking, Stunning Quality

Red / Black / White Three-color Displaying




Wireless NFC-Powered Display Refreshing

Passive NFC Solution, No Battery Required, No Messy Wiring




How It Works

Wireless Powering & Data Transfer

To Refresh The Display Content, Use A Smart Phone With NFC Function, Or An NFC Reader, Close To The E-Paper, It’ll Be Done In A Few Seconds


A Born Hanging Ornament

Features Corner Hang Hole, Ideal For Handbag Decoration, Key Fob, Etc.




Application Examples

Suitable For Smartphone / Key Fob, Contact Card QR Code, Hanging Ornament…




Outline Dimensions


The best part is as it is an e-paper display this display doesn’t require any power to operate

if you don’t have NFC enabled phone, no need to worry. You can do it via NFC writer.


  1. No backlight required, e-Paper keep displaying the last content for a long time without power
  2. No power adapter required
  3. You can modify the display content by smartphone
  4. Compare with ABS case
  5. App is provided

Package Includes:

1 x 1.54inch NFC-Powered e-Paper (B)


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