DWIN HMI 7 Inch TN LCD Capacitive Touch Display

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  1. Operating Voltages:5V typical.(MIN:4.5V,MAX:5.5V)
  2. Brightness 300nit
  3. 16.7M colours
  4. FLASH Memory 16Mbytes
  5. RAM Memory:128Kbytes

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This DWIN 7 inch SMART Screen is quite useful and is full features load SMART screen. It is called SMART screen because it comes with UI development Software from the manufacturer which gives users great and useful tools to develop their own UI with great features. One can design UI Such as a button, slider, Graph, Text Display, etc on their own.

User can Develop their own UI Using the software provided for it called TA / DGUS II.  Also, it is supported with RGB color and 16.7M colours. It is also equipped with 300 nit brightness which makes it visible in daylight too.

It is compatible with All micro-controller Boards like Arduino, Raspberry, and many more… which can be interface with I2C communications.


  1. Built-in DGUS II intelligent software
  2. Integrated smart screen
  3. Powerful data management
  4. Active Area (AA):154.1mm (W) ×85.9mm (H)
  5. Operating Voltages:5V typical.(MIN:4.5V,MAX:5.5V)
  6. Dimensions:190.5(W) × 105.4(H) × 13.4(T) capacitance touch screen, Buzzer
  7. Capacitive touch panel, Built-in Buzzer, WIFI_10 module


  1. Size -7″
  2. Display Format -800×480
  3. Brightness -300nit
  4. Active Area – 154.1mm (W) ×85.9mm (H)
  5. Colour – 24-bit color 8R8G8B
  6. Backlight – LED


  • UART4:Mode is determined by Jumper:(be used after OS configuration)
    ON=N81/E81/O81/N82, 3.3V&5V TTL/COMS;
    OFF=N81/E81/O81/N82, RS232.

Package Includes :

1 x 7″ Smart Screen


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