Waveshare 4.3 Inch Capacitive Touch Display for Raspberry Pi 800?480


  1. 4.3 Inch LCD display.
  2. 800 x 480 screen resolution and IPS display panel.
  3. DSI Display Port
  4. 160º viewing angle
  5. Toughened glass capacitive touch panel, 6H hardness.
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Waveshare 4.3 Inch Capacitive Touch Display has an IPS display panel and a screen resolution of 800×480. This display has a capacitive touch-type screen and toughened glass touch panel that supports Raspberry Pi. Also, it has a DSI port for displaying, MIPI DSI Interface, and touch control.

Touch Control


Connection Examples

Working With Raspberry Pi 4


Raspberry Pi
Supports Raspbian, 5-points touch, driver- free
Supports Ubuntu / Kali / WIN10 IoT, single-point touch, driver free
Supports Retropie, driver free

Supports Pi 4B/3B+/3A+/3B/2B/B+/A+, CM3/3+*

* CM3/3+ requires extra adapter board


  1. 4.3 inch IPS screen. 800×480 hardware resolution.
  2. Capacitive touch panel, support 5-point touch.
  3. Supports Pi 4B/3B+/3A+/3B/2B/B+/A+.
  4. Another adapter board is required for CM3/3+.
  5. DSI interface, refresh rate up to 60Hz.
  6. Supports Raspbian/Ubuntu/Kali and WIN 10 IoT, driver-free.

Package Includes:

1 x 4.3 Inch DSI Capacitive Touch Screen LCD

1 x FPC 15PIN 1.0 pitch 50mm (opposite sides)

1 x Screws pack


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