Waveshare CP2102 USB UART Board (Micro-USB)


  1. Voltage output support: 5V or 3.3V
  2. Integrated USB protection device: SP0503
  4. Pins accessible on pin headers: TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS
  5. Supports Mac, Linux, Android, WinCE, Windows 7/8/8.1/…
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The CP2102 USB UART Board (micro) is an accessory board that features the single-chip USB to UART bridge CP2102 onboard. It features Single-Chip USB to UART Data Transfer with no external resistors required, no external crystal required and an on-chip power-on reset circuit and voltage regulator.

The USB suspend states supported via SUSPEND pins and UART has all handshaking and modem interface signals.

This is a great little tool for embedded systems that require a serial connection to a computer. The board can simply attach to a USB bus and will appear as a standard COM port.

Pin connections of FT232 USB UART Board:

  1. VCCIO ↔ 3.3V or 5V output (the module is powered from USB, the onboard jumper should be shorted to 3.3V or 5V)
  2. GND ↔ GND
  3. TXD ↔ MCU.RX (signal direction: MCU.RX << FT232 << PC.TX)
  4. RXD ↔ MCU.TX (signal direction: MCU.TX >> FT232 >> PC.RX)
  5. RTS ↔ MCU.CTS (signal direction: MCU.CTS << FT232 << PC.RTS)
  6. CTS ↔ MCU.RTS (signal direction: MCU.RTS >> FT232 >> PC.CTS)

This breakout also allows you to connect the TX/RX pins of your favorite microcontroller or serial application to the RX/TX pins of the breakout, creating a simple serial cable replacement.


  1. Single-Chip USB to UART Data Transfer.
  2. Integrated 1024-Byte EEPROM.
  3. USB Specification 2.0 compliant; full-speed (12 Mbps).
  4. USB suspend states supported via SUSPEND pins.
  5. All handshaking and modem interface signals.
  6. 576 Byte receive buffer; 640 bytes transmit buffer.
  7. Hardware or X-On/X-Off handshaking supported.
  8. Virtual COM Port Device Drivers.
  9. USBXpress Direct Driver Support.
  10. Other pins are accessible on drilled holes, easily connected to the user application system (separate pin headers are provided)

Package Includes:

1 x CP2102 USB UART Board (micro)

2 x 4-pin male pinheader & 4-pin female pin header

1 x 6-pin custom connector jumper wire


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