Red 2WD Aluminum Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit DIY

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  1. Drive: 2WD
  2. Frame:1.5mm aluminum alloy structure, lightweight and high strength
  3. Working voltage: 4.5~6V
  4. Wheel Diameter:60mm
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This is a low-cost robot chassis kit, driven by 2 independent powerful DC gear motors. It is suitable for robot hobbyists. It is an all-in-one solution for kids to enjoy hands-on experience about programming, electronics, and robotics.

Mini Robot Mobile Platform uses 2 DC motors with gearboxes to propel the chassis forward. The motor is the same as FS90R  having high speed up to 100RPM, at 800mA. Two plastic wheels are press-fit onto the DC motor gearbox output gear shaft, and easy to make a simple drive solution for small robots. The wheels have silicone tires and the diameter is 60mm (2.36″). This Mini Robot Mobile Platform frame is made with 5051 aluminum alloy and anodize color is orange.

Mobile Mini Robot Platform can be used with an Arduino controller or anything you like to use. It is easy to add all kinds of sensors and let your imagination get to work on your idea. This is a good starter kit for students.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Low-cost
  3. High strength
  4. Material: Aluminum
  5. Suitable for robot hobbyists

Package Includes:

1 x Red 2WD Aluminum Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit DIY


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