SparkFun Qwiic Micro – SAMD21 Development Board

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  1. 256KB flash memory
  2. 32KB SRAM
  3. Optional LiPo Charging Port
  4. Expandable Flash Memory
  5. Qwiic Connector
  6. UF2 Bootloader


The SparkFun Qwiic Micro at its core is the powerful and versatile ATSAMD21E18, which is an ARM Cortex M0+, 32-bit microcontroller, with 256KB of flash memory that can run at up to 48MHz! It has 12 digital pins which include 5 analog pins, SPI, I²C, and an additional UART data bus as well as a Qwiic connector for easy integration into the Qwiic ecosystem and I²C prototyping.

On the underside of the Qwiic Micro, we’ve left open pads for a LiPo Battery connector that you can add yourself, if you wish you can make the micro-controller portable. We’ve also provided pads on the underside for a flash memory chip to maximize the board’s memory capacity. The SparkFun Qwiic Micro comes programmed with a UF2 Bootloader making it easy to program with easy driver installation!

Package Includes:

1 x SparkFun Qwiic Micro – SAMD21 Development Board


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