7-inch LCD Main driver board with Onboard Power USB


  1. Signal Input: 1 HDMI signal input
  2. IC Support: HDMI 1.2
  3. Display Size:7 inch
  4. Power Supply:5V

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The controller module supports 5V DC voltage input, you can also use a USB or mobile power supply, but the positive and negative poles cannot be reversed to avoid damage to the circuit board. Standard button board interface, driver board supports dual-color LED indicator display. A wide range of application scenarios includes industrial display screens, industrial tablets, driving recorders, cash registers, touching integrated machines, etc. Drive board integrated LED backlight drive board circuit, which is efficient for high performance. Meanwhile, such drive module installation is simple, which not require particularly complicated operations.


  1. Display Size:7 inch
  2. Power Supply:5V
  3. Input Interfaces: HDMI
  4. Dimension:9 x 5.5 x 1 mm
  5. Weight:19 gm

Package Include:

1 x 7-inch LCD Main driver board with Onboard Power USB


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