NVIDIA Jetson TX2i Module

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  1. Product: Jetson TX2i Module
  2. GPU: 256-core NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU
  3. Voltage input: 9V – 19.6V DC
  4. Module power: 10W – 20W
  5. AI, Compute, Multimedia, and Graphics libraries and APIs
  6. Dimensions: 45 x 70mm

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NVIDIA Jetson™ TX2i module’s rugged design, small form factor, and reduced power envelope make it ideal for high-performance edges computing devices such as industrial robots, machine vision cameras, and portable medical equipment.

Jetson TX2 is the fastest, most power-efficient embedded AI computing device. This 7.5-watt supercomputer on a module brings true AI computing at the edge. It’s built around an NVIDIA Pascal™-family GPU and loaded with 8GB of memory and 59.7GB/s of memory bandwidth

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit is a small, powerful computer that lets you run multiple neural networks in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection, segmentation, and speech processing. All in an easy-to-use platform that runs in as little as 5 watts


  1. Rich interfaces for AI application
  2. Supports Ubuntu Linux system

Packages Includes:

1 x NVIDIA Jetson TX2i Module


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