Original Arduino Nano Every

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  1. Manufacturer: Arduino
  2. MCU: ATMega4809
  3. Clock Speed: 20MHz
  4. Flash: 48KB
  5. EEPROM: 256byte
  6. SRAM: 6KB

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The Nano Every is an Original Arduino’s 5V compatible board in the smallest available form factor: 45x18mm! The Arduino Nano Every is an evolution of the traditional Arduino Nano board but features a lot more powerful processor, the ATMega4089. This will allow you to make larger programs than with the Arduino Uno (it has 50% more program memory), and with a lot more variables (the RAM is 200% bigger).

If you used Arduino Nano in your projects in the past, the Original Arduino Nano Every is a pin-equivalent substitute. Your code will still work, and you will NOT need to re-wire those motors you planned in your original design. The main differences are a better processor and a micro-USB connector.

The board comes in two options: with or without headers, allowing you to embed the Nano Every inside any kind of invention, including wearables. The board comes with tessellated connectors and no components on the B-side. These features allow you to solder the board directly onto your own design, minimizing the height of your whole prototype.

Get to Know More

To know more about the history of the Nano Every doesn’t miss the interview with Dario Pennisi, Arduino’s hardware and firmware development manager, who led the development of this board.



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1 x Original Arduino Nano Every


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