YHDC SCT006 5A 2.5mA Split core current transformer

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  1. Model: YHDC SCT006 5A 2.5mA Split core current transformer
  2. Input: Bare conductor
  3. Cable Length: 30 cm
  4. Output: 5A-2.5A
  5. Aperture : 6mm
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YHDC Split Core Current Transformer SCT006 Rated Input 5A/ Rated Output 2.5mA.  built-in TVs.  Purpose: Applicable for the current measuring monitoring and protection of AC motor, lighting equipment, and air compressor.

They operate by magnetically inducing current from the conductor they are placed on into a proportional electric current that flows through the CT conductors. They make it possible for power meters to measure current on circuits that, if they measured the current directly, would overpower the meters


  1. Energy saving
  2. Internal heating structure.
  3. low power consumption and high efficiency.
  4.  The shell is made of aluminum alloy, which has good corrosion resistance and long service life.


  1. Input current: 5A
  2. Output current: 2.5mA
  3. Diameter : 6mm
  4. Mounting type: suspension
  5. Coil Structure: Toroidal
  6. Coil Number: 800 turns
  7. Product weeight: 19
  8. Dimensions: 16.90 x 29.80 mm

Package include:

1 X AC Current sensor split core current transformer SCT006



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