Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Humidifier Moisture Film Humidification 25mm


  1. Operating Voltage: DC 3.7-12V.
  2. Resonant Frequency: 1.77 MHz
  3. Resonant impedance: <2 ohms.
  4. Coupling factor : > 52%.
  5. Electrostatic capacity: 3000 pF.
  6. Spray quantity : > 110 mL/h .
  7. Low noise operation
  8. Small fog particles
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This Ultrasonic Humidifier Moisture Film Humidification atomization machine is suitable for high power, atomization plate tablet with a diameter of 25mm. This Ultrasonic Humidifier Moisture Film Humidification 25mm Piezoelectric Transmitter module works on the principle of cavitation produced by sound waves. As sound waves contain compression and rarefaction.

Due to extremely rapid movement, water droplets can no longer sustain their liquid state and gets converted into vapor immediately. This vibration is produced by a piezoelectric filament.

Note: This Module Needs Power Driver Board to drive, which is not included in a package. you have to buy it Separately.

The Ultrasonic Principle of Operation

A piezoelectric transducer immersed in a water bed, converts a high frequency, electronic signal into a high-frequency mechanical oscillation.  As the oscillation speed is increased to a level where the water particles can no longer follow the oscillating surface, a momentary vacuum and strong compression occur, leading to the explosive formation of air bubbles (cavitation).  At cavitation, broken capillary waves are generated, and tiny (1-micron diameter) droplets break the surface tension of the water and are quickly dissipated into the air, taking vapor form and absorbed into the air stream.

The principle of ultrasonic humidification is based on the superposition of two effects:
  1. Cavitation bubble implosion

    The change in the amplitude of the oscillator gives rise to a powerful water hammer effect that releases tiny cavitation bubbles. The implosion of the bubbles on the surface emits tiny water aerosols into the ambient air.

  2. Capillary wave theory

    The ultrasonic oscillators generate regularly formed Rayleigh surface waves in the water tank. Minute water aerosols also emitted into the ambient air on the crests of these waves.

By superimposing these two effects, the use of ultrasonic humidifiers enables a homogeneous aerosol mist to produce with minimal energy consumption!

Application :
  1. Humidifier.
  2. Beauty care for facial massager.
  3. Medical liquid atomizing.
  4. Equipment.

Features : 

  1. Low noise operation
  2. Small fog particles.
  3. Low noise operation.
  4. Small fog particles.
  5.  Long operation life.
  6.  High stability.

Package Includes :

1 x Ultrasonic Humidifier Moisture Film Humidification Sensor Module.


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