All Copper 15PIN SATA, One Point Two Power, Cord, Inflection

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  1. Cable Length:20cm.
  2. 90 degree type
  3. Standard: 15 Pin SATA 1 Male to 2 Female left angle
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Increase your computer’s hard drive storage with this 15PIN SATA Y Splitter Power Cord which overcomes the limit of the number of SATA drives that can be installed in the system based on available PSU power connections. It allows the connection of two SATA drives to one SATA power supply connector.

This SATA 15-Pin Male to 2 x 15-Pin Female SATA 15Pin 1 to 2Power Extension Y Splitter Cable Adapter is an indispensable tool when building, upgrading or repairing computers. It provides an inexpensive solution for adding more connections to an existing power supply with limited SATA power ports.


  1. Add an extra SATA power outlet to your Power Supply
  2. An inexpensive way to add more power connectors to a power supply
  3. Server and storage subsystem applications etc.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Breaks out into two SATA power connectors
  2. Easy to use and install
  3. ​High-end workstation drive installations
  4. Connector a: 1 x 15pin SATA male connector
  5. Connector b: 2 x15 Pin SATA Female connector
  6. Overall Cable Length: 20CM

Package Includes:

1 x All Copper 15PIN SATA Y Splitter Power Cord


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