Arducam Wide Angle Day-Night Vision for Raspberry Pi Camera with Acrylic Stand Case

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  1. Day-Night Switchable IR Cut Filter
  2.  Software controllable
  3.  IR Corrected Lens
  4.  IR LED Illuminator
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This 5MP NOIR pi video camera is designed for both daylight and night vision photography with a build-in motorized(switchable) IR cut filter and two infrared LED illuminator boards. The motorized IR cut filter can be switched ON/OFF automatically, and the infrared LEDs are automatically ON/OFF according to the light environment. The camera is fully supported all the Raspberry Pi board versions including Pi 4, Pi 3, and Pi Zero. It can be widely used in wildlife photography, agriculture NDVI applications and etc.

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  1. To use this camera, it is necessary to do hardware and software setup. To do  both, please follow the instructions given in the link .


  1.  Switchable IR Cut Filter: On for daylight color accuracy, off for IR night vision.
  2.  Software controllable
  3.  IR Corrected Lens: Low dispersion glass that greatly reduces Focus Shift and Chromatic Aberration, and focus light of different wavelengths on to an image   plane at the same location unlike the other lenses
  4.  IR LED Illuminator: Triggered by the light sensor that decides whether the light   condition is poor and needs to be improved


  1. Sensor:
    1. Sensor size: 1/4” (OV5647)
    2. Resolution: 5MP 2592×1944
    3. Video: 1080p 30 fps, 720p 60fps, 480p 90fps
  2. Lense:
    1. Focal Length: 2.25 mm (You can screw the lens for focusing*)
    2. Horizontal Field of View (HFOV): 85°
    3. Thread Size: M12×P0.5
  3. Camera Board
    1. 3V power output for IR LED
    2. Built-in Motorized IR Cut filter
    3. Dimension: 36×36 mm, 4 mounting holes

Package Includes:

1× Camera Board with 5MP OV5467 sensor and IR corrected lens

2× IR LED illuminator

2× Heat Sinks for IR Lights

1× 150 mm/5.9” FFC cable for Model A and B

1× 150 mm/5.9” FPC cable for Pi Zero models

1 x Acrylic Stand Case


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