M5 Stack ESP32 Core Ink Development Kit(1.5” eInk display)

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  1. ESP32 Standard wireless functions WiFi, Bluetooth
  2. Internal 4M Flash
  3. Low Power Display
  4. 180-degree viewing angle


CoreInk is a brand new E-ink display in the M5Stack cores range. Controlled by the ESP32-PICO-D4 This new device includes a 200×200 1.54″ Black and White E-Ink Display. Compared to a regular LCD,E-ink displays are easier on the eyes, which makes them a great choice for reading or viewing for longer periods. Other benefits are the low power consumption and the ability to retain the image even if power to the display is terminated. For control, the CoreInk integrates a multi-function button, A physical button, integrated status LED, and buzzer. The device also includes a 390mAh Lipo, RTC(BM8563)for controlling accurate timing and deep sleep functionality. CoreInk features independent reset and power buttons,expansion ports for attaching external sensors to expand functionailty,for unlimited possibilities.

  1. IoT Terminal
  2. E-Book
  3. Industrial Control Panel
  4. Electronic Tag

Note: Please avoid long-time high-frequency refresh when using it. The recommended refresh interval is (15s/time). Do not expose to ultraviolet rays for a long time, otherwise, it may cause irreversible damage to the ink screen. The low-power power management solution adopted by CoreInk is different from that of CORE and StickC devices. When in use, the PWR button is used as a power-on button(long press 2s). If you need to shut down the device, you need to use the software API or press the reset button on the back.


  1. ESP32 Standard wireless functions WiFi,Bluetooth
  2. Internal 4M Flash
  3. Low Power Display
  4. 180-degree viewing angle
  5. Expansion ports
  6. Built-in Magnet
  7. Internal Battery
  8. Expandable

Package Includes:

  1. 1x CoreInk
  2. 1x Type-C USB(20cm)


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