Official Arduino Sensor Kit

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  1. Perfect Arduino starter kit for both classroom and online learning.
  2. No breadboard or other accessories are required.
  3. Suitable for teaching Arduino programming.
  4. Best all in one sensor kit for beginners.


Official Arduino Sensor Kit is a joint production between the Arduino and Seeed, which has a dual trademark of Arduino and Seeed. It has 1o Grove modules and one grove based shield on a single PCB board. All these modules and base shields are connected through the PCB tracks, which means that you only need to plug the Arduino Sensor Kit into the Arduino UNO board.

The Arduino Sensor Kit is designed in such a way that you can also take modules out of the PCB board and use Grove cables to connect them. You can build an Arduino project you like with this Arduino Sensor Kit.

It’s a game-changer in Arduino learning, no breadboard or other accessories, no soldering or wiring required. No need to pay attention to hardware connection, teachers can focus on Arduino code teaching. Without complicated electronic background knowledge, students even can complete their first Arduino project within five minutes! All those features make it a perfect Arduino Starter Kit for both classroom and online learning.





  1. Joint Production Between Seeed and Arduino
  2. 10 Grove Modules and one Grove Base Shield on a single PCB board.
  3. Individual Grove Connectors for Each Module.

Package Includes:

1 x Official Arduino Sensor kit


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