Waveshare Motor Control Shield


  1. Power Supply:5 V
  2. Output Current:800mA
  3. Dimension:60x56x20 mm

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This is a Waveshare Motor Control Shield. The module is a motor control expansion board of Arduino/NUCLEO. Onboard dual H-bridge driver chip D, allows driving 4 DC motors or 2 stepping motors at one time.

What’s on Board:

  1. External power supply jack
  2. Power input/output pin header
  3. Stepping motor interface
  4. DC motor interface
  5. M_PWR configuration : connects M_PWR (motor power) to 5V or ADJ
  6. Power selection switch
  7. Power indicator
  8. AMS1117-ADJ: onboard linear regulator with adjustable output
  9. Adjustable potentiometer: for adjusting the output voltage of ADJ (adjustable motor power)
  10. L293D: dual H-bridge driver
  11. LM2596-5.0: onboard linear switching regulator with 5V output


  1. Could drive 4 DC motors or 2 stepping motors at one time
  2. Configurable motor power supply via onboard jumper
  3. Wen using 5V motor power supply: drives four 5V DC motors at one time
  4. When using adjustable motor power supply: drives two 1.25V-6.45V DC motors at
  5. One time (9V external power supply is required)
  6. Onboard dual H-bridge driver D x 2
  7. Each D can drive 2 DC motors or 1 stepping motor at one time
  8. Totally 4 channel H-bridge, with 600mA output current (peak 1.2A) per single bridge ESD protection


L293D Specifications:
  1. Supply voltage:4.5~7 V
  2. Logic supply current :
  • All outputs at a high level 13~ 22 mA
  •  All outputs at a low level 35~60 mA
  • All outputs at high impedance 8~24 mA
LM2596-5.0 Specifications:
  1. Maximum  Supply Voltage:45 V
  2. Output Voltage Range:1.23~37V
  3. Output Current:3 A
  4. Clock Frequency:-60~150 Khz
  5. Operating Temperature Range:-40 ~125 V
AMS1117-ADJ Specifications:
  1. Voltage Range: 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.85V, 3.3V and 5.0V
  2. Output Current : 800mA
  3. Line Regulation: 0.2% Max
  4. Load Regulation: 0.4% Max
  5. Operating Temperature Range:0~125 °C

Package Includes:

1 x Waveshare Motor Control Shield


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