Favorite LittleBee 30A-S OPTO Electronic Speed Controller

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  1. Battery: 6-25.2V (2-6S Lipo).
  2. Current Rating: 30amp / 35amp burst.
  3. MCU: SILABS EFM8BB21F16, MCU running at 48MHz.
  4. Dedicated driver chip.
  5. OPTO ESC.

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There are a lot of people selling FAKE ESC in the name of LittleBeeThat too at very high pricing.

As we do not want to cheat our customers, We are marking them as a copy of the product name itself.

For original LittleBee ESC Click here.

(kindly take a note that both the ESC’s perform same).

The Little Favorite LittleBee 30A-S OPTO Electronic Speed Controller is exactly what you are looking for in a lightweight, super powerful speed controller. Little Bee uses a Silabs processor and fast dedicated driver chips. It comes flashed with BLHeli-S Firmware utilizing Oneshot125 communication protocol making it fast and responsive to throttle movements.

The Little Bee ESC is already well known and respected for its high thrust output and reliability. These top of the range Little Bee 30a BLHeli_S ESCs are the pinnacle of ESC performance today. BLHeli_S delivers a throttle response that is smooth as silk. The main factor contributing to this is that it uses hardware to generate motor PWM.

These Little Bee 30a ESCs provide massive amperage for the most demanding of performance drones, sitting at 30a current draw happily. These are the ideal ESCs for high end or experimental systems, for example running 5s batteries or 6″ tri-blade props. These ESCs support one-wire pass-through to allow flashing via clean flight when paired with a suitable flight controller.

Compatible with all current flight controllers, including Naze, SPF3, Revo F4.
Recommended setups: 2205-2208 motors, 5 or 6″ Tri-blade props, 4s or 5s battery.

Note: Capacitors are always recommended for use with ESCs to smooth power delivery. These are not required for operation

Package Includes:

1 x Favorite LittleBee 30A-S OPTO Electronic Speed Controller(Copy).


  1. BEC: No BEC.
  2. Light weight
  3. MCU: SILABS EFM8BB21F16, MCU running at 48MHz
  4. Dedicated driver chip
  6. Battery: 6-25.2V (2-6S Lipo)
  7. PCB board: 4 layers blind pole board, 3 oz copper
  8. Motor Wire: 70mm (20AWG)
  9. Signal Wire: 120mm
  10. Firmware: BLHeli_S (Supports Oneshot / Oneshot42 and Multishot / Active Braking – dampened light mode)

Attachments and Links:

How to get different tones out of your BLHeli_S ESC


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