Cytron Maker Mini Sumo Controller: Simplifying Sumo Robot for Beginner


  1. Arduino Uno/Nano Compatible
  2. Powerful Motor Driver (2 Channels)
  3. Reversed Polarity Protection
  4. Solderless Connection
  5. Shock Proof On/Off Switch
  6. Support RC mode
  7. Easy Troubleshooting
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Wanna take part in Sumo robot competition but don’t want to get your hand dirty dealing with electronics? Maker Mini Sumo Controller is the ultimate board for you – No matter you are a beginner who just starts learning about the Sumo robot, or you are a professional robot builder who participates in the international Sumo robot competition.

You definitely do not want your robot to lose power momentarily and reset itself during any competition. Therefore this controller comes with a unique shock-proof on/off circuitry. When the power is turned on, the loss of connection or disconnected slide switch will not turn the circuit off. Instead, it will need to connect to the opposite contact point to turn the power off.


Maker Mini Sumo Controller

Maker Mini Sumo Controller: Simplifying Sumo Robot for Beginner 


  1. Arduino Nano/Uno Compatible (Powered by ATMEGA328P).
  2. Reverse polarity protection on Vin.
  3. Shockproof on/off switch with the MOSFET latching circuit.
  4. Battery voltage can be read programmatically.
  5. Switching regulator for +5V reduce heat and increase efficiency.
  6. Test buttons and status LED for motors.
  7. 5 Opponent Sensors Input (Digital) with LED state indicator.
  8. 2 Edge Sensors Input (Analog/Digital).
  9. 2 General Purpose Input Output (Analog/Digital Input or Digital Output).
  10.  Start Module Input (Digital), with LED and onboard start button.
  11. Servo Output.
  12. Programmable LED.
  13. Onboard Potentiometer.
  14. Mode Selection DIP Switch (3 Ways).
  15. Piezo Buzzer (Able to play melody).

Package Includes:

1 x Maker Mini Sumo Controller: Simplifying Sumo Robot for Beginner


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