DIY Mini Cat Line Follower Tracking Robot

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  1. Operating Voltage: 3V
  2. Easy to install
  3. Comes with Stepwise User manual
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Build your DIY Mini Cat Tracking Robot. This mini Cat face-shaped robot setup comes with a line follower map as all required Assembly guide to build the robot. This robot runs on 3V DC  supply which can be taken from two AA battery.  User manual inside the box will guide you all stepwise procedure as well as all essential parameter to assemble the bot, all you need is basic soldering knowledge and soldering and fitting tools.

This smart tracking car kit is designed with fashionable CAT face PCB board. It will help you to understand the basic principles and technical components of automatic control. It is hoped that you can learn basic component knowledge, circuit knowledge and soldering skill by using this robot.

Note: Due to shipment limitations kit does not come with AA Batteries included in the package

Package Includes:

1 x PCB Board (Cat Shape)

2 x TT Motor

2 x Rubber Wheel

1 x Battery Box

1 x Switch

1 x LM393

2 x Transparent Diode

2 x 8550 Audion

2 x Potentiometer

2 x 100uf Capacitance

2 x 2IN

2 x 3.3K Resistance

2 x 10R Resistance

1 x 1K Resistance

2 x Screw

2 x Wheel Rubble Ring

3 x Blue Diode

2 x Photoresistance

4 x Electrical Wires

15 x Universal Screw Kit

5 x 1R Resistance

1 x User Manual


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